Our Story and Our Purpose

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Our Story is Your Story

Diane & Nick Garofolo, Co-Founders

“When my husband Nick was 12, he lost the sight in his left eye to multiple retinal detachments. When he eventually started losing the sight in his right eye at the age of 32, we thought we were in for a lifetime of inconvenience. However, little did I know about the stresses involved in providing care to someone you love.

Together, we researched his condition and looked for resources that would allow me to provide the best care I could. In doing so, we discovered facts about family members providing unpaid care to their loved ones that we could not believe. Facts such as:

  • In the US alone there are over 43,000,000 of us providing unpaid care to members of our family
  • Because of the stress levels we face, over 60% of us are diagnosed as “at health risk”
  • Over 37% of us have had to give up a job to provide the care our loved ones need and deserve
  • Our average out-of-pocket expenses are over $7,000 per year
  • Globally accepted research stating that the healthier the caregiver is, the better the outcomes for the person they are caring for. This does not fit with the fact that over 60% of us are designated as “at health risk”

We chose to take the stance that the above facts are unacceptable, and that is why we decided to do whatever we could to create a positive paradigm shift for unpaid family caregivers.

Our purpose is very simple, and that is to reduce the financial, emotional, educational and communal stresses that can become choke points to providing the best care we can.

myHana is the result of over 30 years of research, passion, purpose, and trial and error. We chose to invest our money to build this innovation, and for many personal reasons we chose to launch it within the Autism community in South Carolina.

Our goal is to continue to work hard so that we can make myHana available to Autism parents in all 50 states. Following that, we wish to bespoke additional versions of the myHana platform so that it can be used by caregivers working in multiple condition cohorts across the United States.

Even though Nick and I both enjoyed successful careers, nothing prepared us for the stress that accompanies full-time family caregiving. Today, over 30 years later, we are humbled to present myHana to the world.

Diane Garofolo, Co-Founder & Co-Chair

Ps. My husband Nick is so passionate about providing members of myHana with the best digital health tools, products, and services, that he started “myHana Suggests”. Although legally blind he has a myopic focus on finding the best tools for us to use.

Diane and Nick Garofolo